Deaf Problem

A person having disability in hearing can face a number of problems regarding their daily lives. As facing hearing loss can affect the communication badly so this weakness affects every field of life. Some of the phases which are affected badly by deafness are discussed here in this article:

  • Family

This communication inability affects strongly in family relationship or the strength of relationships as this loss limits the communicating relationship between the deaf and others who can listen well. According to a study it was found that most of the children who are deaf have parents who can hear well, this affects the bond between the parents and children in a negative way. If a parent learn to communicate through verbal language and the children is good at understanding sign signals then this will lead to a declining communication. This all leads to misunderstandings resulting fights and less discussions about life issues which weakens the relationship. Due to all these differences a gap is developed between the deaf person and the other family members which badly frustrates the deaf one. Even if there is a person in family who learns signal language or other techniques to make the deaf understand what others are talking about but still it will keep them away from casual routines like discussion at the dining table and a lot more so the deaf person will feel excluded from family due to miscommunications.

  • Community

Individuals facing hearing impairment can face a lot of communication problems which proves to be a barrier between the one who can listen and the other who can not. Extra curricular activities and social friendships or relationships are the two major areas which are affected badly due to these problems. As extra curricular activities boosts up the minds and develops the emotions and social life of a young person, this inability keeps the deaf out of these enjoyments and activities. Generally, you can say that deafness keeps away the person from getting social or making friends  and enjoying life by roaming around with some humorously joking buddies. The conversations between a hearing and non hearing one are often limited as they both don’t have the same communication method.

  • Workplace

While working with a number of colleagues the one who is facing partial or complete deafness often find themselves apart from all the conversations or meetings happening around in the office. This unintentionally results in keeping the one with this inability out of gatherings, programs or normal conversations among colleagues. Also, the rules and regulations are often discussed through communications and the one who can not understand will probably face some failures in their job performance, affecting the development of their careers very badly.

Above discussed are very few of the problems faced by a deaf person. We should cooperate with such people in every way possible whether by understanding their signals or by making them understand our conversations by any language which they can understand, so they don’t feel bad or frustrated about their weakness. Feel blessed about what you have and show your thankfulness by spreading love and helping those who don’t have the blessing of hearing.