Deaf Treatment


There are various treatments available for those having inability of hearing. The treatment is given to a patient according to the extent and type of hearing impairment. The deafness caused due to noise or age increases day by day and there is no treatment to reverse the disorder,but there are treatments available for particular cases helping the patient to improve hearing through surgical treatment or other ways. Some of the treatments are discussed here in this article :

  • Hearing Aids

Such devices  which helps in improving the hearing capability or speech understanding of people facing deafness are known as hearing aids. The working of these devices is to magnify all the sounds around to make it easy for the deaf to understand what is being spoken around. The use of these devices is effective for some while others prefer not to use such devices. The reason why these devices are not preferably used is that the devices produces high amplifications of sounds which disturbs the comfort of the healer, another reason can be a financial factor because the maintenance of these devices is very important.

  • Assistive Devices

These devices are practiced by many deaf people. If an individual want to communicate then they can communicate using the device Telephone Typewriter  (TTY). Other examples of such devices are textphone, or Telecommunication Devices for Deafs (TDD). The devices resembles to a typewriter and transfers the typed message by help of telephone lines. This makes communication by visual messaging possible making it easy for the deaf to understand message.

Hearing dogs devices are another example of such devices which are designed to alert the deaf or one facing partial deafness with some important sounds like sounds of doorbells, alarms, telephones etc.

Transmitters are used in phone to alert about the ringing of telephone by a light or vibration making it easy for a person to understand their telephone rings.

The Hearing Aid Telephone Interconnect System provides a hands free amplification system for helping the individuals to provide them phones with high amplifications helping the patient to understand sounds.

  • Wireless Hearing Aids

These devices consists of two main comments, the one is known as transmitter and the other is receiver. The working of transmitter is to broadcast the coming sounds and the receiver is used for detection of broadcasted sounds which connects to the hearing aids or other accommodations.

FM, audio induction loop and infrared are three examples of common wireless aids. Every system is useful and helpful for a particular purpose. FM either works on a battery or by connection to electric charge. These systems are small in size which makes them easy to use. The audio induction loops provides an accessory called “telecoil” containing hearing aid processor inside to help the user not to wear earpiece for listening. The infrared wireless system also consists of a receiver which must be carried out with the patient.

These all treatments are designed specifically to aid the weakness of those who are unfortunately unable to enjoy their sense of listening.